Organic food can be as much fruits and vegetables as meat and other animal products such as eggs!

There’s no denying that organic foods, often considered superfoods, are a trend that is here to stay. Its main idea is that everything must be 100% natural, which in the case of vegetables means not having any trace of pesticides, as the plants grow according to the rhythm of nature. At the same time, meat can also be organic. This means that the animals also consumed organic food and are still treated with herbal medicines. In general, organic is associated with greater concern for the environment and the absence of chemical products. Therefore, with a few simple measures it is possible to include only this type of food in your daily diet.

What Are the Advantages of Eating Organic Food?

Organic foods are more suitable for consumption simply because they are more sustainable and healthy. By avoiding any kind of chemical residue, both plants and animals develop in a natural way. The consequence is that these foods are much healthier, preventing various diseases such as cancer. In addition, there is greater environmental concern with the area being set aside for both cultivation and livestock.

The world-renowned NGO WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), for example, supports the consumption of organics. Its headquarters states that “It believes that Certified Organic Livestock is a productive system that can contribute to the environmental sustainability of the Pantanal Hydrographic Basin as a whole, and serve as a model for sustainable and responsible production.” They also add on their official website that:

“Its adoption, added to the implementation of a network of protected areas, the rational use of renewable natural resources and responsible tourism, will ensure the maintenance of regional biodiversity and ecological processes together with socioeconomic development “.

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How to Adopt a Diet Consisting of Organic Foods

The good thing about the organic-only diet is that you don’t really have to change much in the way you eat unless you eat a lot of processed foods. Otherwise, just exchange common fruits, vegetables, vegetables and meats for those that have an organic seal, which means that they have gone through a rigorous process to be accepted as such. Also choose bulk products instead of already packaged ones that came from factories.

Alternatives for Those Who Cannot Buy Organic

What if you need to buy something and you can’t find your organic version? Some alternatives are also quite sustainable and can be great substitutes. One of the options is hydroponic food, which offers great water savings compared to traditional cultivation. At the same time, it uses chemical fertilizer, which is why it is not as suitable as organic, although it is also very good. As for the egg, the rustic is a good alternative. Also look for fish whose species are not kept in captivity. Finally, a substitute for organic juice is wholegrain, which is also very beneficial for the body .

Avoid the Industrialized and Try to Prepare the Ingredient at Home

Those who want to start consuming only organic foods may have some difficulty in finding certain products that have this sustainable seal. But there is an alternative: make them at home. Let’s face it, many ingredients you can prepare yourself using as a base the organic ones sold in the market. For example, making tomato sauce at home with fresh produce instead of buying its industrialized version. Or replace canned ingredients with natural ones. After all, the recipe is yours and it’s worth making adjustments if your goal is to have a healthier life.